Weed control services

Noxious and poisonous plants can become problematic, taking over large areas of your property, displacing native species. Poison ivy can cause varying degrees of an irritating skin rash. Dog Strangling Vine is very invasive and hard to eradicate. These are examples of two plants that we typically treat for people and groups seeking to reclaim their landscape. 

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Dog Strangling Vine

Dog strangling vine is a highly invasive plant that can quickly establish if not controlled. Its long vines can wrap around and strangle other plants, out competing them for light and space. It grows literally everywhere seriously affecting native plants. It is very difficult to eliminate so professional services are required to control the growth and spread of this invasive species and help to protect the diversity of your property.

Poison Ivy

Poison ivy is a well-known poisonous plant that can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions in humans. Its leaves contain an oil called urushiol, which can cause a rash and blisters upon contact with the sap. Every part of the plant is poisonous including the roots. Professional poison ivy control services can help identify and eliminate this plant from your outdoor space, preventing potential harm to you. 

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Weed control

Professional Control Services

We have the necessary experience and equipment to treat all noxious and poisonous weeds without adversely impacting other plants, animals, or humans. Our methods also help prevent these unwelcome plants from further encroaching, enabling you to make the most of your property.