Gardening services

Creating and maintaining a beautiful outdoor space requires a variety of services to ensure that your plants and shrubs remain healthy and vibrant. Planting, weeding, edging, mulching, shrub planting, trimming, and removal services are all important aspects of maintaining the beauty of your landscape.

Lawn mowing and property maintenance


Planting new trees, shrubs, and flowers is an exciting way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Ironwood's planting services can help you select the best plants for your specific needs and ensure that they are planted in the right location for optimal growth. This can help create a lovely landscape that will thrive for years to come.


Weeds can quickly overtake your garden, detracting from its beauty and causing potential harm to your plants and shrubs. Our weeding services can help identify and remove those weeds, preventing them from getting established. Other than the aesthetic qualities of a weed free garden your plants will thrive because of the availability of more light, nutrients and water. 

Fertilizing grass
Weed control


Creating defined edges around your garden can help in many ways. It can give it a polished and professional look creating crisp lines, and a clean, organized appearance. The other practical reason is to prevent the encroachment of weeds and grasses from the lawn into the garden. If the edging is deep enough it will solve that problem naturally. There is no need for plastic edging or similar products.


Mulching is an important aspect of maintaining the health of your plants and shrubs. It helps retain moisture, regulate temperature, and prevent weed growth. Ironwood can help you select the best type of mulch for your specific landscape and ensure that it is properly applied for optimal results.

Lawn maintenance
Weed control

Shrub Planting, Trimming, and Removal

Shrubs can add depth and dimension to your landscape, but they require regular attention to ensure their health and beauty. Ironwood Property Maintenance can help you select the best shrubs for your specific needs, maintain their shape and size, and remove any that are no longer thriving.