Ironwood’s 2014 Fall Special

Don't be a dumb bass
Get hooked on good property care!

Hi Everyone

I’m noticing the beautiful fall colours and as I was driving down a quiet country road this morning the leaves were falling like snow. They lay undisturbed on the roadway and created a wonderful visual effect. There is nothing like a fresh fall day.

I also met a woman who hates leaves in general. She’s plotting to cut all her maple trees down so she doesn’t have to deal with any kind of fall clean-up on her lawn. This is more than a bit extreme. Before you sharpen the chainsaw I’d like to offer some help in regards to property maintenance. I regularly do this kind of work and would be happy to extend a fall special for 2014. A Free estimate on any service and no HST on any work performed. Call me at 705-927-5105 for an appointment.

Thanks very much

Sean Gillen, owner

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